About Me

My name is Katerina Tzolas. I am  a 21 year old young woman on a journey of self-discovery and true purpose. By nationality I am half Greek, half Ukrainian. However, I have actually spent the majority of my life living in countries such as New-Zealand, Sweden, Greece and Australia, as well as the past 10 years in Estonia.

Creative expression has always been the leading force in my life tracing back to my early childhood years. As a child, I spent my free time filming and editing videos and taking photographs. The first eleven years of my life were spent growing and studying in an extremely culturally diverse environment, in an international primary school. I was constantly surrounded by people of all different cultures and ethnicities, which I believe grew my love for people, embracing diversity and authenticity as well as exploring different cultures and travelling. I have always been inspired by people who are courageous enough to stand out from the crowd and aren’t afraid of self-expression and those personalities are the ones I hope to visually illustrate through my work.

I consider creative energy to be my life source. I feel this irresistible pull towards self-expression in all forms, whether I am painting, writing, taking photographs, shooting, dancing or singing. Naturally, I started getting into photography more professionally in 2016, which eventually led me to my main interest which is videography and filmmaking, in early 2018. Ever since then I have been pursuing visual content creation full-time and have recently also found myself in the world of social media management, marketing and business. I am currently working as a videographer, photographer and social media marketing head at Society Web Solutions - a Florida, Miami based full service website design company also operating in Tallinn, Estonia. Although, I am also still actively taking on freelance work of all kinds.

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If you are interested in following my journey or working with me, my social media links are below. All my love.

My Vision

I aspire to inspire and uplift my viewers, by prioritising themes such as: self expression, diversity, self-love,individuality, self-development, mindfulness and sustainable environmentally friendly living. I strive to connect with other creatives and talents who enjoy expressing themselves and have something to share with the world

I truly believe there is a lot of intense beauty here in this life that can easily go unnoticed in this often fast-paced world we live in. I believe my purpose is to shed light on the divine beauty of existence so hopefully others may also notice this beauty more vividly and might even be inspired to start experiencing and creating themselves.