Take control of your life

Take control of your life


Life is a bitch – but only if you’re being one.


We all know those days when you wake up and you can already feel the snowball of unwanted obstacles beginning to roll. You can feel your mind being clouded with thoughts from yesterday, what to make for breakfast and your deadlines for tomorrow. You realise you’ve slept in and it’s  now time to rush to wherever you need to be. Your heart starts to race a little faster and you continue to feed this feeling. Inevitably you have set the tone for the day. You hit your foot on the bench, realise you forgot your earphones and miss your bus. Life is a bitch  – you probably are thinking. Yeah we all have those days. Some more often than others. Today although, wasn’t one of those days for me. You can call it waking up on the right side of the bed or whatever you want but I’m just gonna say I made life my bitch today. In fact, turns out me and her make a pretty good team and we have been hanging out together for the last couple days.

I really forget sometimes how beautiful it feels to be in this flow. To feel carried and aligned with the universe. To completely let go of all your worries, negative reactions and expectations and just trust. The feeling of being in the moment. You don’t care if it’s cold, if you’re hungry or tired. You are  feeding off of life source. This blissful feeling of being unattached and free. Now it’s good to realise : you go to work – that doesn’t mean you are your work. You can make the decision to never work a day in your life right now if you want to, that’s how unattached you are to it. You could go from being a butcher to a vegan in one day or from being I don’t know – a politican to becoming a monk. Nobody is in your way. Nowadays people are so obsessed with being in control and knowing everything. Sitting in the nice and cozy comfort zone. We are ever-changing in every moment. you don’t have to define yourself in anyway. You are way to extraordinary to be defined or put in any box. I swear life becomes so much more fun when you give up control every once and a while learn to flow in harmony with whats around you. You are one with everything that’s around you. There is nothing separate. 

I have learnt that making life your bitch works best in two ways:

  1. Intention setting and then releasing control
  2. Avoiding negative reaction


I am going to bring some examples from recent situations in my life:


I had just moved into my new apartment and this was the first moment I had to myself. (Backstory: I have been searching and working very hard on manifesting this living space for myself. Financial security is a big topic right now in my life, so I am constantly learning and discovering new healthier ways to attract abundance and money into my life.) I didn’t have much work planned at that moment and was trying to stay trusting that opportunities will come as they need to. SuddenlyI felt this extremely powerful energy and peace inside me so I decided to sit in mediation for a minute, closed my eyes and literally said out loud “Let everything come that needs to come, good and bad, I accept it, I trust. I am worthy and I am ready for whatever is to come.” I open my eyes and let the intention go and kind of just stop thinking about it. I decide to do a short 15 minute trip to the kitchen, come back to the living room and look at my phone – and what do I see? A job offer to film and produce a video for one of my all time favourite companies. I knew in that moment that I had called it forward. I hadn’t gotten a job offer that had excited me in months before this one came along, because I was stuck in this dark self-doubting funk that my bitch wasn’t really keen on working with me. 


This second one is from a few months back but I remember it vividly. I was kind of interested in this guy. Mostly just as a person and really wanted to get to know him better. I had been trying to reach out to him for months but didn’t know how and he wasn’t really showing interest either and this started to irritate me. Looking back I think I brought myself into this mindset that I wasn’t good enough or worthy of this persons attention –  stemming completely from my own insecurity which was actually completely unrelated to this person. It was just a lesson I needed to learn. Anyways fast forward we happened to be at this event together and while I was there I noticed myself getting really sad and stressed about the situation. The fact that it bothered me – bothered me. I took a moment, went and sat on the toilet for a while and said to myself out loud “let go, it’s ok, it’s not worth your energy” or something of the sort and just sat there for a while, envisioning me being at peace with the situation and releasing attachment. I then leave the event and go outside the front door and just as I step out of the door, my friend happens to be standing right there. He straight away reaches to give me a hug. He hugs me tight, let’s go and just looks at me for a moment and smiles. This was extremely unusual and not something they would normally do. Now, I don’t know how this sounds to a reader, but I knew in that moment just as I did in the previous story. I just knew. It was a sign. It was the universe saying “good job”.


This last one is from today. I found myself in this amazing flow, everything was going great, I was feeling amazing and I was consciously aware that I was on “the wave” and I was eager to keep riding it and see where it takes me. Suddenly, I get an email from a co-worker at my production company and she messages me saying one of the client videos I had made a while ago has received a copyright claim saying that I don’t have the license to for the used track. I don’t really react much, I feel a slight increase in my heart rate and this kind of “oh” moment goes through my mind. I was surprised this has happened. I was in such a good flow that I knew I didn’t call it forward with my own negativity or anxiety, so I automatically took it as a lesson or a test. I remain very calm and start working towards finding a solution. I quickly understand that I truly might not have the license for this track and send an email to the music bank asking for possible solutions. I was actually already completely prepared and at peace with paying a fee of 100 to 150 euros, which to me is a big amount right now. I realise the situation is inconvenient, but I also realise it is truly my mistake and that nothing can be done and that I should learn from the situation. I write about in my journal and admit I have learned a valuable lesson. I forget about the whole thing for a while and continue with my day. After a few hours, I receive a reply email saying: “It seems here that we’ve experienced a technical issue with our rights management system in Facebook. Fortunately, this issue has now been solved. Please double-check your video to see if you’re still experiencing any issues.”

It was a test. The bitch of life wanted to see if I could react with love instead of unlocking victim mode and I passed with flying colours. Life will keep throwing you the same obstacles until you learn your lessons and that has been one of my biggest discoveries this year.

Anyway, I hope these stories made my point somewhat clear. I think it’s so important to realise this “victim mode” isn’t good for anyone and it is going to get you absolutely nowhere. Happy to share my experiences with you openly and honestly. I have so many doubting thoughts in my head everyday about sharing my opinions but honestly I am tired of it. Some people will get it and some won’t. Im here to understand myself not to be understood. I’m doing this because love doing this. Even better it might inspire someone.

Bless your little soul for reading till’ all the way down here.