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I literally feel like this past year has been a ride on the craziest, widest rollercoaster ever. Fluctuating between moments where I have felt like I’m on the top of the world and can’t get any higher in contrast with moments of hitting complete rock-bottom, over and over again....
Jan 02, 2021

Little Joker

It’s 1:00 AM, It’s been a rough day and I wish I could go to sleep. I am tired, really tired. I have been battling one of the worst anxiety attacks I have probably ever had for around 6 hours now. Writing this to help myself over anything else...
Jul 12, 2020

Welcome to my heart space

Hello loves! Welcome to what you will be seeing as my freshly launched webpage. Something that has been baking in the oven for quite some time now. Although I  do wish to use this website as a tool to attract potential clients and promote featured work, I  didn’t intend...
Mar 03, 2020

Take control of your life

  Life is a bitch – but only if you’re being one.   We all know those days when you wake up and you can already feel the snowball of unwanted obstacles beginning to roll. You can feel your mind being clouded with thoughts from yesterday, what to make...
Feb 06, 2020

The real Australia experience

It has sadly been a very long time since I last sat behind my computer and poured out my thoughts onto this platform. As the end of my time in Australia began to approach, time began to move quicker. We were so devoted to making every moment count that...
Jul 03, 2019


Uute asukohtade vahel rändamine võib lihtsasti muutuda tavapäraseks ja tõtt-öelda tunnen ma hetkel, et kui mul poleks kohusetunnet lähiajal Eestisse tagasi minna, võiks ma niimoodi seljakotiga rändamist jätkata aastate jagu. See kogemus on olnud veel elumuutvam, kui ma oleksin kunagi osanud arvata. Reisimine on pannud mind mõistma, et kõik...
Mar 07, 2019